Check out our latest work and updates, follow along with our creative process.

A showreel of our recent work.

Xlija Robotics™ brand identity development. Learn more.

Back to Auckland, NZ.

Create a brand-new IP image for the Sunfriends brand.

RDA infuses the Kunyang Ceramics brand with a Cool and Young energy.

We help a traditional mooncake brand in refreshing their brand identity and overhauling their packaging system..

Designing a distinctive and minimalist brand identity for UNStar Group.

Brand identity design for Lizhen Guangdong Restaurant.

Brand identity and space concept design for Vanke FoodieSocial Project.Learn more.

A 3D brand graphics concept produced using Blender.

We are currently working on the creation of a new Chinese tea brand called HerbalTea.

A brand new packaging design concept for a health drink product.

We are using Midjourney to develop a cartoon series featuring our team members.

RDA’s office now has the new Arper Kinesit chairs. Learn more.

Working on designing the brand for a furniture retail store.

A retail brand has requested our help in developing a fresh brand identity and mascot design.

Our current project involves the brand identity and spatial design of FoodieSocial of Vanke.

Design everyday, riding everyday.

The essentials for the perfect workday.

Introduce our latest project featuring a brand new 3D cartoon character concept.

Capturing our serene Sanya journey: A photo story. Learn more.

Gemosun brand logo unvealed.

Brand identity update for Telebooth.Learn more.

Brand identity design for Shinmade Steel. Learn more.

Brand logo design for a new project.

Kyur clothes brand identity design.Learn more.

VZUSA's new brand logo with the monogram V symbol.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Say hello to 2023.

Minimal brand logo design for Eternal Beauty products.

Happy New Year.

Happy Dongzhi Festival(Winter Solstice Day).

Omicron has made the city desolate.

A series of type poster design.

Headquarters workplace design for Lansidai Group.

We are preparing some new year gifts.

OpenDigit™ brand identity development.Learn more.

Makefont Festival campaign concept.

New project in print, designer pay attention to printing details.

Model a brand logo in 3D style.

Exclusive film stills book design for Dreamaker Studio.

New project in design: Nervtex Technology, coming soon.

New Project: LORENZS Haute Couture,Learn more.

We are Getting into some fresh new projects.

Glance of a signage system project design.

UncleLee's Noodle, a new Chengdu-style noodle restaurant design. Learn more.

Brand motion design for Shinmade Steel.

Logo rendering for a new web3 project.

New Project: Besrin Group corporate identity design.Learn more.

New Project: Senseu Valley brand identity design.Learn more.

Landscape from another world.

A brand identity concept for LAQU Food.

Package design for Ganniushan Food.Learn more.

Brand identity and space design for Mr.Lee Noodle.

Brand identity and packaging design for Prey petfood.

New headquarters concept design for Shinmade Group.

New brand identity design for Gemosun Lab.

New brand design for Mseelon Audio System.

Fascinated by a series of artwork, TAG Art Museum.

Take a selfie during a visit of an exhibition.

PRF brand identity re-design, another leading way to the future.

A 3d graphic concept.

New brand identity design for Cantian Co.

New brand identity design for Wisbuild CO.

New IP character design for Popo Tea brand.

Visit an ancient mountain village.

New brand identity and space design for LORENZ'S.Learn more.

Concept store design for Yihe Pastry.Learn more.

Enjoy sunshine and outdoor activities.

Brand motion design for Blockchain.

Mobile communication design of a new brand identity.

New brand identity started from a logo animation.

Working on a new large space design project.

Brand and IP identity design for Moview.

Prepare for delivering our new books.

New project: Shanghai Cell Center Space Design.Learn more.

Brand identity design for a new energy company.

A visit to Aranya Resort, a seaside art culture real estate project.

A scene of the working mode of the team.

Exposure to some open air.

New project: Kaisheng R&D Center Design.Learn more.

Happy Tiger Year of 2022!

Identity design for a movie festival. :-)

Brand new store design for Yihe Pastry&Tea.

Our new book. 20-21 Design Selection of RDA Team.

Visit TAG Art Museum designed by Jean Nouvel, Qingdao.

A glance of work.

New project: CDWork brand identity design.Learn more.

Logo concept for Fuhai Group.

Brand identity for Amhwa Group.

Showroom design for Longhai Kitchenware.

New brand identity design for DPI Technology.

Cartoon design for Lansidai Group.Learn more.

The kitchen area of RDA's office.

2021 Zibo International Ceramics Exposition opening in Hicyan Art Center. Learn more.

RDA's Italian partner Paolo Cesaretti designed Jomoo’s stand at Shanghai KBC 2021. Learn more.

New branding project for an internet financial business.

Twilight hours.

Our eyes to the nature.